White Crescent for Dev. & Human Rights Yemen is the worst
crisis in the world
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WCFYE We work in a variety
of aspects to help
the people of Yemen.
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tough times.
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The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!

We’d like to thank all our generous donors for helping to brighten the lives of refugee children across Yemen this winter.

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Donor's Commentaries

What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Alex Mejia

Nazma Meah

Andrea Fischer



Rita Chamber

Willie Dowling


Ouardillah Chelouah


You can help lots of people by donating little. See our causes.

Milk for Yemen Children Project

Everything we do is driven by our mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and…

$45 of $9,000 raised

Food project

This cause is meant to raise funds to build a chain of schools in Malawi, Burundi,…

$70 of $9,000 raised

Water Projects

In the XXI century, there are still plenty of countries where education is forbidden to women.

$50 of $9,000 raised

How you can help

Number Of Beneficiaries

More than thirty five thousands were provided with life-savings assistance by White Crescent Org’s team.

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Number of Projects

More than fifty projects were executed to serve Yemen’s people in different governorates since 2018.

Num Of Beneficiaries 2022

We are expecting to increase the number of beneficiaries this year throughout partnerships with Int charities.

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Food project
Food project

Support a suffering and hungry family by providing them with food to survive Can you imagine living each day without knowing where your next meal will come from? Even worse,

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Milk for Yemen Children Project
Milk for Yemen Children Project

        provides families with fortified milk cans of 400 gr each. Families highly appreciate this project and many stated that they stop worrying about their children health

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