Food project

Support a suffering and hungry family by providing them with food to survive
Can you imagine living each day without knowing where your next meal will come from? Even worse, can you try to imagine what it must be like not being able to provide food for your children? Sadly but truly, this is the case for millions of hungry and impoverished people in Yemen. Without food, the human battle to survive becomes a daily reality to face. Isn’t it grueling, or even unimaginable to think that there are children who cannot enjoy their right to education because they are starving? These children shouldn’t grow up to work and struggle further among communities that are still battling to survive – all for a lack of food.
As the crisis in Yemen continues into its 5th year of crisis with no end in the foreseeable future, our efforts to provide support continue to be crucial to the survival of our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, over the years humanitarian support has declined rather than improved. According to the World Food Programme, “people in need of humanitarian assistance has risen to 24 million people [and] of these, almost one third of families have gaps in their diets, and hardly ever consume foods like pulses, vegetables, fruit, dairy products or meat. Malnutrition rates among women and children in Yemen remain among the highest in the world, with more than a million women and 2.4 million children requiring treatment for acute malnutrition.
White Crescent’s Food Distribution Project aims deliver essential food including rice, lentils, flour, sugar, oil, dates etc to Yemen displaced people. The food baskets do not only provide the proper nutrition that is necessary for survival but they also provide a sense of hope and optimism. Please help us spread love, kindness and compassion to people who truly need it the most.
1. Food Parcels
Contribution of £40 can provide one food parcel to a displaced family.

2. Daily Food Meals
Contribution of £5 can provide one food meal to a family in dire need.

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