Education is a major resource to end the cycle of poverty. Yet, around two million children remain out of school in Yemen. Since the beginning of the conflict, attacks on children, teachers, and education infrastructure have severely disrupted access to education. According to the U.N., more than 3,600 schools have closed since March 2015.

White Crescent For Dev. & HR is on a mission to help rebuild schools, sponsor unpaid teachers, provide classroom materials, and more. Join us to break the cycle of poverty and uplift the next generation of Yemen.

1. Back To School Kit

The White Crescent aims to support Yemen’s children whose that can’t get the school kit that cost £30 for every child.

2. Sponsor Teacher

Because of the war on Yemen seven years ago, the Yemeni economy has collapsed in an unprecedented manner, and this has led to the inability of government facilities to pay the wages of employees in general in all government sectors, including the educational sector, which is the mainstay for building a generation capable of development and fighting poverty.

White Crescent is sponsoring teachers whose wages have been cut off with £100 for each, in order to continue the educational process in Yemen.

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