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More Than Half Of Population Can’t Access To Water
According to UN reports, 18M people in Yemen lack access to clean water. This has resulted in the largest cholera outbreak recorded, with over 2M suspected cases. Filtering drinking water is a key in the prevention or reduction of cholera outbreaks.
It is a basic human right, acknowledged by the UN, to have access to clean water and sanitation: something that is essential to the realisation of other human rights. Water is necessary for any and all life to survive – and a lack of which, results in severe illness and death. When living in suitable living conditions, it is hard to imagine a life without basic necessities, but that’s the reality of the Yemeni population today

Unclean Water



In Yemen, drought and unclean water are two of the biggest issues people are facing on a daily basis. Because of water scarcity and the lack of rain in the past few years, we have taken it upon ourselves to help the worst-hit villages. At White Crescent, we believe that clean water is one of the first steps to overcoming poverty and sickness. Therefore, we aim to provide clean drinking water to as many poor and needy families in Yemen as possible.


We Are Here to Help


The White Crescent Foundation is committed to provide the people of Yemen with access to clean water and sanitation. By regularly assessing the need for water in Yemen, we tailor specific solutions to problems that relate to the wellbeing of communities.


1. Public Water Tanks:


You can give the life-giving gift of water to an entire community with our Public Water Tank project. Provide a Public Water Tank that will hydrate countless people in Yemen for a once off cost of £250


2. Family Water Tanks:

This project will support the health of families through the provision of clean drinking water and basic hygiene items. White Crescent Foundation will start the Family Water Tank project to provide water tanks to these poor families so they can store clean water more easily. Having a water tank makes a huge difference to the lives of those receiving them – and you can be the one to make the difference.

For a one-off cost of £100, you can provide a 500L Water Tank to a family that will be grateful for years to come.


3. Refilling Up Clean Water:


You can contribute to quench the thirst of Yemen’s people for a year by refilling a public water tank for £15 a week or £60 a month. With your support, we are committed to refilling public water tanks.


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