The Little Yemeni Angle, Nadeen

The Little Yemeni Angle Nadeen.

Nadeen is a Yemeni child that facing life’s hardships with her beautiful smile, she is 10 years old but her weight is 8 KG, and that’s not comparable to her age due to malnutrition.

Nadine was born into a poor family, where she suffers from a mental and physical disability since birth, and this made the life more difficult for a family that could not find sustenance for its day.

On March 26, 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an Arab coalition for war on Yemen, and bombs and missiles began to fall on innocent people. Nadine’s family fled from the city of Taiz to the capital, Sana’a, to avoid the raging fire from all directions. Life began to show its cruelty to the child, Nadine, in light of war, displacement, and disease.

In fact, it is no longer related to aid only, but the amount of pain that affected millions of Yemeni families cannot be compensated.

The WCF works on the ground to help Nadine’s family and hundreds of Yemeni families suffering from the ravages of war, siege, hunger and disease. We hope that everyone will show their generosity and compassion so that we can continue to help Nadine’s family and other Yemeni families.

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