Childhood Interrupted: Conflict’s Toll On Yemen’s Children

Childhood Interrupted: Conflict’s Toll On Yemen’s Children.

Yaser Mohammed is 13 years old and from Sa’ada, in north-western #Yemen. The only clothes he owns are some shirts and a pair of trousers, which his mother rewashes constantly. Often, he only has a shawl to wear, which he wraps around his waist.

The conflict forced him to leave school three years ago and work to support his family. Now he collects plastic bottles for resale, supporting his family of seven people with the money he makes.

His family lives at a make-shift shelter for internally displaced people in the Dharwan district, north of the capital Sana’a.

The United Nations estimates that 83% of those who are internally displaced and who return to their areas of origin are women and children (OCHA figures)

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