Privacy Policy

Site privacy policy

1. We are committed to protecting the rights of all visitors and users of this site, and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of data.
2. We emphasize that the privacy of users and visitors is a top priority for us. And we will only use this data in a way that is appropriate to maintain secure privacy.
3. We confirm that the site does not engage in any commercial activities.
4. We absolutely do not exchange personal data with any commercial entity.
5. We may use the data recorded on the site to conduct surveys and take opinions with the aim of developing the site and providing a more user-friendly and effective experience for our valued visitors and users. We also enable us to communicate with you if you are a donor and donor when needed in the event that you wish to donate to charitable projects and works or wish to see what is new in the projects and charitable works carried out by the association, as this data helps us to communicate with you, answer your inquiries, and implement your requests as much as possible.
6. This privacy policy applies to all services and transactions that take place on this site.
7 . Due to the huge development in the field of technology and the change in the scope of laws related to the electronic field; The management of the Yemeni White Crescent in Taif reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this privacy policy at any time it deems appropriate. Amendments are implemented on this page, God willing.
8 . To preserve your personal data, electronic storage and transmitted personal data are secured using appropriate security technologies approved by us with the service provider and according to the contract concluded between the two parties.